Moki Founders

Prof. Dylan Thompson

Dylan is Research Director at Moki. His work ensures that Moki products perform to the highest possible standard. Basically that means no cutting corners and testing... lots of testing. His expertise and experience directly informs Moki's data and insight tools to ensure they have maximum value.

Dylan is a Professor of Human Physiology and specialises in the link between physical activity, diet and health. He has authored over 100 scientific papers and reports and he is invited by academic conferences and other organisations all around the world to present his research. He is currently an expert member for the Chief Medical Officer’s 2018 update to UK Physical Activity Guidelines and he serves on various other advisory panels and committees. Dylan regularly works on TV (BBC, Channel 4) and provides expert advice for media outlets such as The New York Times and the Independent.

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Craig Carr

Craig is the Commercial Director at Moki. With a background in tech, sales and data privacy we figured it was about time he had a fun job. Just kidding, we still make him do those things, but at least it means Moki can design and build products and services with security, privacy and scalability baked into their DNA.

Craig has worked at Director level within technology companies since 1997. Craig was the founder of Redstone Digital, a company helping businesses adapt and develop within the changing GDPR data protection and e-privacy regulations climate. In 2006 Craig co-founded Lifestyles Online, a market leading data-driven digital business that was acquired in 2013 by TransUnion (formally Callcredit). Craig is a FA qualified Level 2 youth football coach and has been coaching for over 7 years.

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Mike Outlaw

Mike is the Product Director at Moki and works with a team of designers and developers that has been assembled to deliver the best possible experience for users. So basically when something breaks, we blame Mike.

Previously Mike co-founded and spent 10 years as Creative Director of London based agency Made in Me. During his time there Mike designed and produced many award-winning educational products that have been enjoyed by millions of children. He is 4 times (!) Bafta-nominated for his work in this field and one day he might even win one.

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James Huggins

James is the Technology Director at Moki. Chiefly this involves working the other founders to ensure that Moki's product, research, marketing and operations requirements are served by the right technology.

James was the Co-Founder of Made in Me, a digital creative studio exploring new ways for children to be inspired by interactive media. Clients include Penguin Random House, LEGO, McDonald’s and Save the Children. The company's work has garnered several BAFTA nominations and been featured in The Guardian, Wired Magazine and the BBC. Prior to that James was the Co-Founder of Escape Studios one of the foremost computer graphics and visual effects academies in the world before being acquired by Pearson Education.

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