The activity tracker designed for homeschools.

How active is your family?

Moki is a movement tracking wristband and software application that provides a safe, simple and fun way for schools to stay active. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our schools have relocated to our homes. The good news is that Moki can too.

Key Features

Moki Icon - Accessible and Affordable


Moki has been made affordable and accessible to families and schools.

Moki Icon - Privacy by Design


Developed with data privacy experts to ensure personal data is safe.

Moki Icon - Insight and Reports


Moki provides easy access to activity reports for the whole family.

How does it work?

Moki Band

The Band

The Moki Band is a comfortable, durable, water-resistant accelerometer. The Moki band does not need regular recharging as it's powered by a watch battery that lasts up to 6 months.

Available in child and adult sizes.

Moki Reader

The Reader

Connect the Moki Reader to your computer via USB. When a Moki Band is tapped on the Reader the data is transferred to the app using contactless payment technology. It's quick, easy and secure.

Only one per family required.

The App

Measure and motivate the activity of every child in your school, every day with the Moki app. View or print reports with a single click, group students into teams and create custom challenges. Moki was designed to provide useful insight and feedback quickly and without any hassle.

Moki App - Reports

Available for Mac and PC.

Moki Live Reports

Want to share your family's overall activity levels with friends? Moki Live Reports allow you to share a real-time data feed so you can keep everyone in the loop.

Moki Steps Counted


We need your help!

We're looking for families to take part in our Active Home Schools Project, where we will provide Moki for free to families that can help us put it through its paces in the home environment. If you'd like to take part just click on the button below for more information.