The Moki Band

The Moki Band comprises a small cylindrical device housed inside a moulded wristband. The contactless (NFC) technology contained in the device means that the activity data is transferred to the App by simply tapping it on the Moki Reader. The Moki Band holds up to 7 days worth of movement data but the wearer can tap the Moki Reader whenever they like.

The Moki Band has been designed deliberately without any display that gives feedback to the wearer. Rather than create a distraction or a constant reminder of daily steps the Moki platform seeks to provide less intrusive and more considered insight. Therefore the Moki Band is a comfortable, light and hard wearing wristband that a child or adult should ideally forget they have on.

Pedometer for Schools

Product Details
Battery The Moki Band does not need to be recharged instead it is powered by a standard CR-2032 coin battery which lasts approximately 6 months.
Maximum data stored between tapping Reader 7 days.
Allergy Safe The Moki Band material is Latex free Silicone, an inert material that does not trigger any allergic reactions.

Lightweight & Durable

The combined device and wristband weighs only 19 grams meaning that it is both comfortable and tough.
Water Resistant Shower and splash proof.
Strap Sizes
Small - 14cm > 20cm
Large - 17cm > 22cm